About Us

I am Lisa Simpson, the Director of Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance Limited and a choreographer/workshop leader with a disability. I have quadriplegia cerebral palsy and no verbal communication so I choreograph using the Simpson Board.

Lisa Simpson using the Simpson Board with Translator, Helen Gould


Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance is a social enterprise/not for profit organisation. Formed in March 2010 to create opportunities for disabled people with no, or limited verbal communication to choreograph. By teaching people how to use the Simpson Board, we are opening the doors for other prospective choreographers with no, or limited verbal communication, who have not had the opportunity to realize their true potential.

The Simpson board was created by Adam Benjamin who was inspired by the methods by which I produced visual artwork for my G.C.S.E while studying at Hereward College, Coventry in 1995. Adam was Co-founder and Joint Artistic director of CandoCo Dance Company (1990 – 98), Author of ‘Making An Entrance.

 Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance delivering a workshop

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